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Evolution of neuropeptide GPCR specificity and signaling

G protein-coupled receptors are a main pharmacological target as they are involved in numerous physiological and pathophysiological functions. Understanding the function and regulation of these complex proteins is key to the design of specific and efficacious pharmaceuticals. For instance, peptide-binding GPCRs are involved in neuroendocrine regulation, pain perception and regulation of energy homeostasis. Reflecting their essential physiologic functions, many neuropeptide GPCR systems are conserved down to basal animals. This deep evolutional conservation also opens avenues to study common and individual principles of receptor function. Moreover, relatively simple model organism might be used to study aspects of receptor signaling or test compounds in an in vivo context.

My research interest is how ligand specificity is accomplished in neuropeptide GPCRs, and how this translates into conformational changes that allow (selective) coupling to and activation of intracellular effector proteins. To address these questions, I use rational mutagenesis of receptor and ligands guided by structural models and measure multiple downstream pathways in cellulo. Moreover, protein-protein interactions are analyzed in cellular contexts to obtain spatio-temporal insights into receptor signaling.



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Anette Schreiber, Peter Schramm, Hans-Jörg Hofmann (2011) How many hydrogen-bonded α-turns are possible? J. Mol. Model. 17, 1393-1400. AbstractPDF
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