Selected Grants

SFB 1423 "Structural Dynamics of GPCR Activation and Signaling"

Subproject A04 "Characterizing the molecular interaction between the Y receptor and arrestin"
Subproject B01 "Molecular mechanisms of allosteric modulators at Y-receptors"
Central Project Z01 "Central Administration"
Central Project Z03 "Peptide synthesis and membrane protein (GPCR) expression"

SFB 1052 "Obesity Mechanisms"

Subproject A3 "Function of Y receptors in the regulation of food intake"
Subproject Z5 "Molecular mechanisms of action of adipokines"

SFB TR67 "Functional Biomaterials for Controlling Healing Processes in Bone and Skin - From Material Science to Clinical Application"

Subproject A4 "Chemical modification of proteins for the characterisation of matrix-protein interactions"

Central Project Z2 Integrated Research Training Group “Matrix Engineering”

SPP 1623 "Chemoselective reactions for the synthesis and application of functional proteins"

Subproject "Selective bioconjugation of proteins in kive cells via peptide-directed acyl and alkyl transfer reactions"

last modified: 28.02.2020